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How do I use the Sky Post Office?
We sell post cards and stamps at THE BA:NG in the Observatory.
It takes 2~3 days for domestic post and approximately 15 days for international post.
How do I use the electronic display service at N Seoul Tower?
Please send a message when the electronic display on top of the ticket booth in the square displays the message ‘send me a message’, the sent message will be displayed.
The number to message is 010-3182-0868, please send on site.
(Text messages will be charged 20 Won per message)
I would like to rent a store in N Seoul Tower.
Inquiries regarding partnership promotions / venue rentals
Your marketing activities are enhanced by Seoul’s landmark, N Seoul Tower’s high quality and diverse services as a background.
Inquiries: Marketing contact milky27@cj.net
I would like to film within N Seoul Tower.
Please submit a collaboration letter at least 3 days in advance to get authorization to film.
Inquiries: Marketing contact (milky27@cj.net)
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