By Bus

The N SEOUL TOWER located in Namsan Mountain is part of the protection of the ecosystem of the Namsan Park. General car traffic has been restricted since May 1, 2005. Your cooperation creates a clean and green Namsan

When you come to N SEOUL TOWER by bus

Please ride the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus (number 01)

Please park your car in a parking lot near the bus stops and take advantage of the Shuttle Bus

Diesel bus passengers should get off at Namsan Yejang bus parking lot and transfer to Nam mountain Shuttle bus. (Entrance to Nam mountain circuit are restricted from Aug, 2021)

Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 01

Closest subway stationsChungmuro Station (Line 3,4), Dongguk Univ. Station (Line 3)

Intervalsevery 7~10 minutes

Operating hours06:30~23:00

Rates1,100 won in cash & with transportation card (transfer possible)

Bus routeNamsan Yejang Bus Parking Lot->Toegye-ro 3-ga, Hanok Village → Chungmuro Station, Daehan Theater → Toegye-ro 5-ga → Jangchung Culture and Sports Center → Dongguk Univ. Station, Jangchung-dong → National Theater of korea, Banyan Tree Club&Spa → Namsan North Ringway → Namsan Seoul Tower → Namsan Public Library → Baekbeom Square->Hilton Hotel → Namdaemun Market → City Hall → The Seoul Shinmun → KT (Gwanghwamun bldg.) → National Palace Museum of Korea → The Blue House → Spring and Autumn Gate → Gyeongbokgung → Anguk Station, Jongno Police Station, Insa-dong → South lnsa Square → Jongno 2-ga, Samilgyo → Namdaemun Tax Office, Seoul Paik Hospital → Namsan Yejang Bus Transfer Parking Lot