N SEOUL TOWER construction data


Namsan243.0m/797ft (Up to the construction point of the N Seoul Tower)

N Seoul Tower236.7m/777ft
(tower body 135.7m/445ft + steel tower 101m/332ft)


Floor space3,986m²

Total floor space15,378m²

Total extent of Observatory2,403m²

View 1st Floor450m²

View 2nd Floor 460m²

Observatory 3rd Floor466m²

View 5th Floor271m² (Rotating area 149m²)

Rotating time1 hour and 40 minutes

Safe wind speedSafe even in strong winds of about 56m/s

Safety inspections The public acknowledgement of absolute perfection resulted after safety inspections by international approval organ on May 21, 1973 Safety inspections are carried out more than once every year Safety was confirmed after safety inspections in January