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Are there any events going on at the N Seoul Tower?
What do I do with pets?
There are no protective facilities for pets and entry with pets is not allowed.
I would like to know the telephone numbers of each facility.

Info Dest 02)3455-9277/9288

n.GRILL 02)3455-9297/9298

HANCOOK  02)3455-9291/9292

THE PLACE DINING 02)3455-9220/9221

N TERRACE 02)3455-9222

ORIENTAL ROO 02)3455-9224

THE BA:NG 02)3455-9273

N GIFT 02)3455-9275

GIFTSHOP 02)3455-9215


I would like to use the audio-guides.
If you wish for a trip with freedom, if you wish for a meaning and fun trip!
We provide 1:1 custom guided services telling the story of Seoul’s attractions through the Observatory.
Rates: 3,000 Won
Serviced languages: Korean (Adult/Children), English, Japanese, Chinese
Rental and return location: Observation on the Tower 3F
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