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I would like to film within N Seoul Tower.
Please submit a collaboration letter at least 3 days in advance to get authorization to film.
Inquiries: Marketing contact ( milky27@cj.net )
I would like to know the telephone numbers of each facility.

Info Dest 02)3455-9277/9288

n.GRILL 02)3455-9297/9298

HANCOOK  02)3455-9291/9292

THE PLACE DINING 02)3455-9220/9221

N TERRACE 02)3455-9222

ORIENTAL ROO 02)3455-9224

THE BA:NG 02)3455-9273

N GIFT 02)3455-9275

GIFTSHOP 02)3455-9215


What types of discounts are available when visiting the N Seoul Tower?
Parking rates: Free 40 minutes if you show the N Seoul Tower ticket at the Korea Freedom Federation parking lot.
Groups: 10% discount for groups of over 20 people.
Information desk 02)3455-9277/9288
Disabled persons discounts: Welfare cards level 1~3 individual + escort (1 person) gets 30% discount each, and levels 4~6 gets 30% discount
Exceptions, only possible when visiting the Observatory and the Teddy Bear Museum (groups excluded)
I would like to know about the discounts when using the restaurants.
[n.GRILL] You can enjoy free entrance to the Observatory for advanced reservations.
[HANCOOK + Observatory package] You can enjoy a discounted entry to the Observatory when using this.
What gift certificates can I use within the N Seoul Tower?
Partnership gift certificates for the Observatory – CJ Gift Certificate, Korea Tourism Gift Certificate, Happy 21 / Happy Money Gift Certificate
n.GRILL partnership gift certificates – CJ Gift Certificate, Korea Tourism Gift Certificate
HANCOOK partnership gift certificates – CJ Gift Certificate, Korea Tourism Gift Certificate, Shinsegae Gift Certificate, Lotte Gift Certificate, Samsung Gift Certificate,
Happy 21 / Happy Money Gift Certificate
*Notice for users
- Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for money. However, when using over 60% of the value of the gift certificate, the return will be done in cash. (80% for amounts under 10,000 Won)
Where can I purchase the tickets for the N Seoul Tower?
Tickets can be purchased on the 1st floor of the Plaza of the N Seoul Tower and at the Lobby of the information desk.
Is there an expiration date on a purchased ticket?
Tickets are valid only on the day of purchase, for 24 hours.
Do I have to purchase Observatory entry tickets to use the restaurants?

If you have booked the French restaurant [n.GRILL] Tower 5F in advance,

please check your name on the reservation list before the elevator and enter without purchasing a ticket.

n.GRILL 02)3455-9297/9298


For customers using the Korean restaurant [HANCOOK] on the Tower 1F,

purchasing the [HANCOOK + Observatory Package] in the ticket booth on the 1st floor of the Plaza will allow you an experience at a more moderate price.

HANCOOK 02)3455-9291/9292


Customers enjoying the Italian restaurant [The Place Dining] located on the 2nd floor of the Plaza can access the restaurant without purchasing for the panorama.

The Place Dining 02)3455-9220/9221 HANCOOK 02)3455-9291/9292


Are there any events going on at the N Seoul Tower?
What do I do with pets?
There are no protective facilities for pets and entry with pets is not allowed.
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